Natural Ways of Dealing with Anxiety

We all feel anxious sometimes, it’s a normal emotion, an effect of living in an often-chaotic world. You may feel nervous before meeting a new person, taking a test or before you make a critical decision. It is, however, no longer normal if anxiety keeps you from carrying on with your life normally. When you have an anxiety disorder, you live with constant worry, sometimes so overwhelming that it can sometimes be disabling. With the following natural techniques, you will be able to manage those feelings and get your fulfilling life back.


Be Active

Engage in physical activity and exercise. Physical exercise is not only physically but also mentally beneficial to you and even more so when you are anxious. Engaging in regular exercise works as meditation to some extent and will relieve you of anxiety within hours. Continued exercise works as a long term fix.


Refrain from Drinking and Smoking

If you smoke or consume alcohol, it’s high time you quit. A glass of wine or whiskey only calms you for an hour or two after which anxiety comes back, sometimes with vengeance. Continued dependence on alcohol to calm your nerves is a sure path to addiction which only makes matters worse. Smoking is no different. Nicotine and other compounds in the cigarette cause harm to your brain and body. You may be looking for a way out, but the drugs path might as well land you in a deeper ditch.


Get Good Sleep

Anxiety causes insomnia at times and it will take you a few tricks to actually fall asleep. When it is bedtime, make sleeping your priority. Do not watch TV, read, use your phone or computer while in bed. Sleep only when it’s at night and you are tired as you will find it easier that way. Before you sleep, try writing down your worries, go to bed at the same time every night and keep your room in a tranquil state, free of what makes you anxious.



Meditation has for ages helped settle down chaotic minds and help them reach a calm and mindful state. Thirty minutes of meditation a day will while away your anxiety and stress. Finally, keep a healthy diet at all times. Avoid high sugar diets, processed foods, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.


By using these tips, not only will you be able to ease symptoms of anxiety, but you will also help prevent stress related ailments like hypertension.




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