6 Techniques to Help You Relieve Stress

Everyone experiences stress at one time or the other be it adults, children or teens. A certain level of stress is healthy as it helps you develop solutions to threatening situations, solutions that may prove helpful throughout your life. However, when you find yourself having difficulty making decisions, becoming more emotional, unable to keep track of things or having too much or too little sleep, it is time you found healthy ways to cope with your situation before it wears you down. Here are simple and healthy techniques to help you out.

1.) Ditch the Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol

Reduce your coffee, nicotine and alcohol consumption or better still, avoid any drinks that contain them. While alcohol is considered a depressant when consumed in large quantities, it acts as a stimulant in smaller amounts. Contrary to what many people believe, consuming alcohol as a means of dealing with stress may not necessarily be helpful. Use juice, herbal teas and water in place of caffeinated drinks and alcohol to reduce your stress in a healthy way.


2.) Increase your Physical Activity

Engage more in physical activity. Stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline can be increased by stressful situations. Physical exercise proves helpful in metabolizing these hormones out of your body and restore your mind and body to a relaxed and calm state.


3.) Get enough sleep

This may sound contradictory, bearing in mind that stress itself interrupts sleep. However, you need a starting point of you are to win the battle. An important step is to make sure your bedroom is in a tranquil state, free from any of the things that cause you stress. Take a warm bath just before sleep or read a calm book to relax your eyes and mind and forget what worries you.


4.) Talk to a Friend or Loved One

Talk to someone. Discussing your situation with someone you trust helps relieve stress in a number of ways. It distracts you from your stressful thoughts, and releases the tension built up inside you. You may also find that your confidant has or had the same problem, and they will share with you how they overcome it.


5.) Improve your Time Management

Take control of your time. Most stress builds up from unmet deadlines, unattended meetings or half-done tasks. Accept that you cannot do everything and stop being overwhelmed by your to-do list. Set your priorities right and break down overwhelming tasks into smaller achievable bits, with enough time for each.


6.) Keep a Stress Diary

Write about the things that stress you, preferably using a pen. Writing is in itself a meditation technique. You also become aware of the time, place and people involved in your stressful episodes, helping you avoid them in the future or at least deal with them better.


By implementing these techniques, not only will you reduce the amount of stress in your life. But you will prevent high blood pressure or even relieve symptoms of hypertension and anxiety.

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